Laminate Countertops: can look just like Granite, or Marble, or Wood, with a vast diversity of patterns; they are the least expensive and are rather tough.

Solid Surface Countertops: will cost significantly more than laminate countertops – due to the content. These are available in a broad range of colors, patterns and textures.

Difference between solid surface tops and laminate countertops is; the color or pattern goes all of the way through the solid surface countertop. The material is a strong, tough grade of hard acrylic plastic, which can endure an amazing amount of ware and tear.

Granite Countertops: are natural surfaces polished and customized, a glossy natural stone which is very hard. This stone hardness can endure harsh treatment and is resistant to long term wear and tear which offers robust support without compromising your homes décor.

Granite countertops are meant for strong and resilient use. They can tolerate hot fry pans and pots devoid of any damage, prohibit greasy substances to saturate due to their unique “silicone impregnator”. Granite is very effortless to clean, in addition to giving you an unmatched texture to any place home and add immense value to your property.